ASTANK 2 – Integrated Platform for Systems Engineering

ASTANK 2 is an integrated platform for control techniques in systems engineering. It is designed to enable the application and testing of identification and control methods on a real process with non-linear behaviour, described by fluid dynamics. Basicaly, it consists of a two open tanks system, between which fluid is circulated through a pumping and distribution network.

The equipment  consists of:

– Two interconnected graduated tanks, one with variable section;
– Collector tank;
– Two level transducers;
– Pumping and distribution network:
• frequency converter controlled pump;
• two constant flow auxiliary pumps;
• two pressure transducers for main pumping line monitoring;
• two flow transducers, one for each tank feeding line;
• two control valves (continous electrovalves), one for each tank feeding flow adjust;
• three manual valves;
– Three level sensors (digital) for signaling filling / emptying limits;
– Front panel for manual operation and connection of signals.

ASTANK 2 enables its users to study and develop non-linear control strategies for flow and level processes.

With ASTANK 2  training equipment it is possible to do many experiments, such as:

– Study of the static and dynamic characteristics of transducers and actuators;
– Process data acquisition and conditioning;
– Analytic modeling and/or experimental identification of the processes;
– Designing of simple control structures (single controller of type P, PI or PID);
– Designing of multi-model control algorithms or for multi-variable processes;
– Implementation of adaptive structures for time-variant processes;
– Implementation of control strategies based on evolutionary techniques (fuzzy controllers, genetic algorithms, neural networks);
– Comparative study of control and robustness performance for the implemented algorithms.

This is why our equipment represents the best way to learn  how to implement an automatic process control system on a PLC/PC.

Our ASTANK 2 training equipment is compatible with different training panels that can be found in our Technical Training Systems Catalogue in Process Control section.

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