ASTI Automation, company founded in 2002, is one of the youngest members of ASTI group. Since 1990, when the first ASTI company was established, ASTI has been a constant promoter of the most advanced automation systems in Romania.

Currently, the company is acting in industrial automation field, participating in projects in sectors such as oil and gas, automotive, food industry, chemical industry, urban utilities.

We offer our customers complete solutions for complex projects in the field of industrial process control. These are based on modern and competitive equipment from well-known companies, such as:
SIEMENS AG – SIMATIC industrial PCs and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), low-voltage contactors, inverters, field equipment (sensors, transducers, actuators);
ELABO GmbH-euromicron Group – intelligent measurement and testing equipment for the electrical and electronic fields;
RITTAL GmbH – industrial enclosures for low-voltage power distribution and automation;
Phoenix Contact – programmable logic controller, industrial PCs, interfacing modules, distributed periphery systmes, connectors;
National Instruments – easy to integrate modular instrumentation and controllers;
FINDER Spa – industrial and residential relays, thermostats, time thermostats;
EPLAN Software & Service GmbH & Co. KG – EPLAN software suite for design in electrical engineering and automation.

We offer a wide range of industrial and residential solutions for simple projects to complex ones:
• PLC systems;
• industrial PC configuration with WinCC SCADA;
• low-voltage power distribution panels for industrial and residential applications;
• industrial enclosures for low-voltage power distribution and automation;
• inverters for variable speed drive applications;
• field equipment (sensors, transducers, actuators);
• dedicated software for advanced control structures with programmable logic controllers.
The advanced solutions employed by the Asti team of proffesionals relay on the latest generation of industrial software, like: WinCC, STEP7, WinCC flexible.

Since 2007, the business of the company has been extended through active involvement in increasing the quality of technical education in college and university. The company develops didactic equipment related to approved programs of study, taking into account the current technological level encountered in main industry sectors. The portfolio includes didactic equipment for specific technical fields, integrated laboratories mainly for technical universities as well as for companies acting in the industry, training sessions for students or postgraduate courses for professionals in the industry.

Regarding teaching equipment that the company develops, they cover a wide range of fields of study such as:

  • Data Acquisition, Processing and Monitoring;
  • Sequential Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers;
  • Human Machine Interface;
  • Industrial Communication;
  • Safety;
  • Electrical Installations;
  • Electrical and Electronic Drives of the Electric Motor;
  • Pneumatics;
  • Motion Control;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Process Control.

ASTI Automation has implemented and mantains the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard, certified by TUV AUSTRIA ROMANIA.