The training panel integrates a programmable logic controller BECKHOFF CX9000-1001. Device configuring and programming are done using the BECKHOFF programming environment TwinCAT 2, installed on your PC.

BECKHOFF CX9000-1001 Training Panel consists of:Beckhoff

– CPU Beckhoff CX9000-1001;
– Digital Input/Output extension modules 16DI/16DO;
– Analog Input/Output extension modules 8 AI/ 8 AO;
– Power Supply 230 VAC /24 VDC, 4.2 A;
– Testing elements:
• 16 x 4mm safety sockets for external digital inputs;
• 8 x 4mm safety sockets for external analog inputs;
• 16 x 4mm safety sockets for digital output signals;
• 8 x 4mm safety sockets for analog output signals.

This equipment enables its users to learn basic knowledge in the PLC programming field, to acquire knowledge of PLC programming and configuration TwinCAT 2 using specific languages (LAD, FBD, IL etc.) and also learn to develop projects with practical application.

With this equipment it is possible to do many experiments, such as:

– Scenarios based on electrical motor drives;
– Conveyors control;
– Flow control;
– Tank level control;
– Traffic light control;
– Water pumping station, etc.

This training panel can be found in our Technical Training Systems Catalog in Sequential Control Systems and Programmable Logic Controllers section and also on our website, in Didactic Equipment section.