Product description

ASTANK2 Software Package includes:

– Software application for the management of ASTANK 2 installation that allows performing practical experiments applied on flow and level control systems.

– The software package can be used only together with the: AA087.010.01 (PLC S7-1200 Training Panel – ASTANK 2) and AA026.000.002 (KTP600 Training Panel). The software package includes one application for each device.

– The software package consists of 5 ASTANK 2 Experiment Handbooks:- Getting to know the process: familiarize the user with ASTANK 2 (its components and dynamic behaviour);
– Dynamic modeling: familiarize the user with the nonlinear dynamical model of the filling/drainage process;
– Nonlinear Control: familiarize the user with the design and implementation of an input-output linearization based multivariable controller;
– PID Control: familiarize the user with PID control and it’s digital implementation;
– Online PID Tuning: familiarize the user with experimental PID tuning methods, their strengths and weakness.