Product description

The structure includes::
• 1 x AA087.000.02 – Coupled Tank System ASTANK-2+ (L,F,P,T)
• 1 x AA087.011.02 – PLC S7-1200 (CPU 1215C) Training Panel ASTANK-2+
• 1 x AA026.000.03- KTP700 Training Panel
• 1 x AA087.100.01 – ASTANK-2+ Software Package (SIEMENS PLC)
• 1 x AA200.000.04 – Table-Top Stand for Training Panels with Modular Supply Panel

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Safety connection cables 4 mm, Power cable, Ethernet cable , User manual
RECOMMENDED: I/O Data Cable with SysLink connectors, Analog Cable Parallel