Product description

E-Pneumatic Training System (SMC) includes:

• Aluminum profile plate (750 x 640 mm)
• SMC Double action pneumatic roundline cylinder 25Φ25: 100 mm
• SMC Double action pneumatic roundline cylinder 25Φ25 : 50 mm
• SMC Flow control w/fitting
• SMC Flow control, pilot c/valve
• SMC Flow control,inline w/fitting
• SMC Proximity sensors
• SMC Solenoid valves 5/2 bistable and monostable, G1/8
• SMC Solenoid valve 5/3 bistable, G1/8
• SMC Solenoid valve 3/2, G1/8
• SMC Single action relief valve
• SMC Autoswitch, 3 wire, PNP, horizontal, 2 color, 1m leadwire
• SMC Cable, Plug, 1000mm
• SMC< Fittings (plug-in reducer/ male connector/ w/check/ union tee) • SMC Silincers • SMC Pressure regulator • SMC Pneumatic separator • SMC Manometer • Relays with 3 contact NC/NO and 5 x relay socket and time relays • Buttons without latching; rotary switch knob; auxiliary contacts NO/NC • 24 V DC lamps SIZE (W x D): 750 x 640 mm

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Power cable, User manual
RECOMMENDED: Safety connection cables 4 mm, Digital multimeter, Digital oscilloscope, Air compressor Supersilent59 Fiac, Smart Relay E-Pneumatic (TECO SG2), Smart Relay E-Pneumatic (NANOLINE), Smart Relay E-Pneumatic (LOGO! 0BA8)