Product description

ET200S PN Motor Starter Training Panel (Profinet Coupler) SIEMENS includes:

• SIEMENS SIMATIC DP, CPU 1510SP-1 PN for ET 200SP (working memory 100 KB for program and 750 KB for data, 1x interface PROFINET IRT with 3 port switch);
• SIEMENS SIMATIC ET 200SP Digital Input Module: 16DI, 24VDC;
• SIMATIC ET 200SP BusAdapter BA 2x RJ45: 2 RJ45 Sockets for PROFINET;
• D-O-L ST. for ET 200SP Direct-on-line-starter Expandable Setting range 0.3…1A AC-3, 0.25 kW / 400 V Hybrid st  arter;
• D-O-L starter for ET 200SP Direct-on-line-starter Expandable Setting range 0.9…3A AC-3, 1.1 kW / 400 V Hybrid starter;
• RS for ET 200S;
• 3DI/LC module (conn. terminals) for ET 200SP motor starter.
The panel includes:
– sockets for internal 24 V DC power supply; sockets for electrical connections;
– sockets and switches ON/OFF/momentary for DI signals.

SIZE (W x H x D): 512 x 297 x 100 mm.
THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Power cable, Ethernet cable, User manual.
RECOMMENDED: Safety connection cables 4 mm, Digital multimeter, Digital oscilloscope.