Product description

RTU 3030C Training Panel SIEMENS includes:

• SIEMENS SIMATIC RTU3030C: 8DI/ 4DO/ 4AI, memory card 4 MB.

The panel includes:
– sockets and switches ON/OFF momentary for DI signals; sockets for DO signals;
– potentiometers for AI signal generation;
– sockets and switches ON/ON/ON for AI signal source selection;
– sockets for external 24 V DC power supply .

SIZE (W x H x D): 266 x 297 x 100 mm.

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Ethernet cable, User manual.
RECOMMENDED: Safety Connection Cables 4 mm, Digital multimeter, Digital oscilloscope, S7-1200/S7-300 Training Panel, CP 1243-7 LTE Communications Processor, CP 1243-8 IRC Communications Processor, SINAUT TIM 4R-IE Communication Module, SCALANCE M874 – 3 Router, SCALANCE M874 – 2 Router,  IRC Antenna ANT 896-4MA, Antenna ANT 94.