Product description

TP1200 COMFORT Training Panel includes:

– 12.1 inch TFT widescreen display, touch screen, HMI advanced functionality with 2048 tag.

The panel includes:
– 1 x RS485/RS422 interface – MPI/PROFIBUS-DP protocol;
– 2 x RJ45 Ethernet interface – PROFINET;
– 2 x USB host;
– 1 x USB device interface;
– 2 x audio IN/OUT connectors (3.5mm Jacks);
– 1 pair of sockets for external 24 V DC power supply.

SIZE ( W x H x D): 512 x 297 x 100 mm.

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Ethernet cable, User manual.
RECOMMENDED: Safety connection cables 4 mm, USB cable, RS485 serial cable, RS232 serial cable,  Digital multimeter, Digital oscilloscope, PLC S7-300/
S7-1200/S7-1500 Training Panel.