Product description

NANOLINE PxC Training Panel includes:

• Phoenix Contact NANOLINE Base Unit:
– 2AI/4DO (Relay Outputs)/ 8DI;
• Phoenix Contact NANOLINE Operator Terminal:
– Keypad/ Display;
• Phoenix Contact NANOLIN I/O Extension Module:
– 3DI/4DO (Relay Outputs).

The panel includes:
– sockets and switches ON/OFF/momentary for DI signals;
– sockets for DO (relay) signals;
– potentiometers for AI signal generation;
– switches ON/ON/ON for AI signal source selection;
– sockets for AO signals; sockets for connecting a measuring instrument and a rotary switch to select the signal (AI/AO signal);
– sockets for internal 24 V DC power supply;
– Centronics 24-pin sockets for DI/DO;
– DB15 socket for AI/AO.

SIZE ( W x H x D): 512 x 297 x 100 mm.

THE PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES: Power cable, Ethernet cable, User manual.
RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES: Safety connection cables 4 mm, Analog cable parallel, I/O data cable with SYSLINK connectors, Digital multimeter, Digital oscilloscope.r.