VALS S7-1200 (SIEMENS SM 1281) 
is a training system designed to highlight the  various defects that may occur in bearings so that it can be possible a predictive maintenance of such mechanical elements. The main activity required is to measure the frequency of machine vibrations. In this way it is possible to determine when a machinery is not working properly. The system consists of mechanical structure where a variable speed motor drives a shaft with a flywheel. The shaft is secured at both ends in two ball bearings. Vibrations are introduced by unbalancing the rotating flywheel with different masses mounted on.

The equipment consists of:
– SIEMENS 0.12 kW AC Motor;
– Steel shaft with two bearings and flexible shaft coupling;
– One or two flywheels with tie holes for mounting masses of imbalance;
– Two SIEMENS vibration sensors;
– IFM rotation sensor;
– Motor control and data acquisition panel including:
• SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC (CPU 1214C):14DI/10DO/2AI;
• SIEMENS SM 1281 for signal acquisition and specific spectral analysis;
• Testing elements: switches, sockets and safety 4mm connection sockets.

VALS S7-1200 (SIEMENS SM 1281) Training System enables its users to learn how to implement a fault detect system for mechanical structures with bearings and also to learn how to achieve an intelligent decision support for maintenance.

With VALS S7-1200 (SIEMENS SM 1281) Training System it is possible to do many experiments, such as:
– Application which implements different vibration analysis algorithms:
• Order analysis;
• Joint Time-Frequency Analysis – JTFA;
• Quefrency analysis;
• Wavelet analysis;
• Model based analysis;
– Graphical interface for monitoring system.

There is also available a similar configuration in the version with National Instruments CompactDAQ Controller with NI9232 board. 

At the following address can be read a case study based on Condition Monitoring Training System in the version with National Instruments CompactDAQ Controller with NI9232: Developing an Intelligent Condition Monitoring System.

The equipment can be found in our Technical Training Systems Catalog in Process Control section.